Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy Christmas and Merry New Year to you.

May Santa be nice to you and may Viking Raiders not invade your suburbs and smash your favourite china or rape your chickens and steal your lawn gnomes or eat your dog's food and drink the cat's milk or sing ancient Viking drinking songs while hefting their mighty battle axes and legendary war blades to carve your nicely trimmed shrubberies into the shape of little goats and ponies frollicking about to the tunes of the Warrior Poet "Hlefrundthendun The Rather Interesting and Fearsome Yet Somewhat Effeminate and mostly Inappropriately Behaved of the North."
After Christmas I'm going on a week vacation with a hundred and fifty teens and college kids in the mountains of South-Central Alaska. It's the perfect place to be in January rather than joining those wimpy throngs in "hot" and "sunny" places, playing on the "beach" and "surfing", and "drinking" things with umbrellas" that get "stuck" in one's "nostrils". That's simply not for us Alaskan's, because we know how to have "fun"... at thirty below.
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