Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Nightmare Frontier - by Steven Mark Rainey, Narrated by Basil Sands

I recently finished the recording of this genuinely frightening audiobook for Crossroad Press. Check out the sample then go to Crossroad Press and buy the audiobook.
Nightmare Frontier by Stephen Mark Rainey.
by Stephen Mark Rainey
Unabridged Narration by Basil Sands
Run time: 9 hours 27 minutes

The town of Silver Ridge, West Virginia, has disappeared from the
face of the earth. To the outside world, a chasm of impenetrable mist
is all that remains of the town. But inside Silver Ridge, the nightmare
is just beginning.
Confined by this unimaginable barrier, the townspeople find
themselves confronted by the denizens of a distant dimension:
horrifying creatures that intend to transform the valley town into
their own outpost. To these extra-dimensional travelers, human beings
are nothing more than pests to be exterminated.
Russell Copeland and Debra Harrington are determined to resist the
invaders… but as they face death to restore Silver Ridge to its rightful
place on Earth, they find that their true enemy may not be the
incomprehensible invaders, but an insidious evil whose origin is closer
to home than they can imagine.

Reviewers say: 
“Remember what it was like to read a horror novel that actually made
you sweat with dread and your hand shake ever-so-slightly as you turned
the page? Remember what it was like to feel your heart thud against
your chest as the plight of the characters became your own? Remember
what it was like to have a story cast a spell over you rather than ram
everything down your throat? If so, you’ve reason to rejoice; if not,
then you need to discover what that’s like. In either case, Mark
Rainey’s THE NIGHTMARE FRONTIER delivers the goods. This is the Good,
Real Stuff. From its powerful opening to its nerve-wracking finale, this
novel never releases its grip on the reader’s nerves, brains, and
heart.” —Gary Braunbeck

“By the time I was up to the 7th or 8th chapter of THE NIGHTMARE
FRONTIER, I felt like a kid again, watching a Saturday afternoon monster
movie–only this time with an authentic sense of dread. THE NIGHTMARE
FRONTIER is a slick, fast-paced monster mash that will surely have
horror fans flipping the pages with a wicked grin on their faces. Add a
HUGE plus here for one of the more horrifying endings I’ve read in
quite some time.” —The Horror Fiction Review
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Thursday, February 10, 2011

eReaders have changed the world...But beware the 'Ed Reader'


Having an ereader, be it a Kindle, Nook, iPad or even an Android or iPhone I believe makes a ton of difference for reading habits. So far I've only wished for a Kindle but have been too cheap to buy one. But I do have the Kindle App on my Android, and love it. I'm the kind of reader who has at least 4 or 5 books going at any time (one in each restroom/bath, one one the nightstand, one on the coffee table and one in my gym bag as well as an audiobook in the truck). By having the reader on my phone I have my whole book selection with me everywhere I go, which means I finish each book a little faster rather than reading a chapter of whichever of the five happens to be near me. Oh, and I don't mind reading on my phone since this one has a fairly large screen and the fonts can be resized to comfy.

On the publishing side, I have three novels and two shorts out there self-published on Kindle/B&N/Smashwords. While I have not gotten Konrath/Hocking/McQuestion/Morrison rich and famous, I have made enough in the past three months to take our first outside vacation with my entire family of five, something that is not cheap when living in AK (as you probably know, Jordan). The amount I've already made is a lot more than the highest advance offer my previous agent was able to bring to the table.

So as I said regardless of the model ereader you have, it has changed the world.

there is one ereader model I didn't like though. It was the Ed Reader and came with a free trial, which involved a guy named Ed with a backpack full of your choice of used 10 cent paperback books. He holds the book open and turns the page when you make a 'bing' sound. ...kinda creepy that one...especially in the bathroom.

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