Friday, September 24, 2010

Basil Needs a Blog Tour for his Books

Got a blog? Want a great guest to interview or to do a guest host article? Then you need to contact me ASAP!  ;-)

As you may know I have posted my entire collection of thriller novels on the Kindle Mothership and on Smashwords. The ship is sailing and I am on board, but now I need to steer into the wind. If you are a blog host, or know of someone who is and would like to host me as either a guest blogger or for a written interview, or if you are a podcaster and would like to do an audio interview let me know. I would like to dedicate the month of October to doing as many blog appearances as possible each day. Drop me a line and lets schedule it.

Or as Kharzai Ghiassi would say… Yeehaaa! Buckle you seatbelt baby!

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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Are Libraries Dead or Dying? … uh… not as far as I can tell

There’s a lot of talk these days about the death of libraries. EBooks are killing libraries. Online dealers are killing libraries, etc. But is there really evidence of this? Not from my perspective.
Our libraries here in Alaska are doing fairly well as far as I can tell. While the internal hours at the main branch have been reduced slightly I think, everything is available online as well. And during normal business hours (10am-8pm) one can go to the four story building, have a coffee and sandwich at the cafe, enjoy free wifi, and sit in one of the massive reading areas and either read or stare at the surrounding mountain vistas. One of the reading rooms is designed to look like a 1920's library with highbacked leather chairs and books (which are available for reading) from the libraries original 1920's collection lining the tall shelves along the walls. Whenever I go to that room I feel like I should be wearing a red velvet jacket and be sipping a glass of very expensive Cognac.

Honestly though, my primary use of the library is online these days. I download numerous audiobooks, and reserve any paper books I want to be sent to my local branch for pickup. The local branch is located in a shopping mall three miles from my house and looks more like a school library than a muni library. Likewise there are numerous local branches all over the city of Anchorage in pretty much every community. No one in this city of 350,000 is more than 5 miles from a library, or if they are on the computer they’re never more than a click away. Even people in the libraryless bush areas outside of the cities are able to reserve books online and have them sent to their local school for pickup.
Libraries aren’t going anywhere as far as I can tell, at least not in Alaska.
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Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Basil on Kindle! Now, make it work people!

Alright. You’ve been asking for a print version of my books. You can be at least partially happy to know that I am finally available on Kindle and Smashwords. And the best part is that because they are ebooks, the PRICE IS VERY GOOD!!!! 65 Below and Faithful Warrior are only $2.99 and Karl’s Last Flight, my very first book, is only 99 cents! I know you can afford all three so get in there!

It was a long and hard thought out decision on my part because there are a lot of risks involved. Primarily doing badly on Kindle and ending up not getting a print deal because of that fact. So, that being said, and knowing that there are several thousands of listeners to my podcast out there who would love to be able to read the full version of my books on their e-readers or PC’s it’s now up to you to see me make it to print. 

If enough people get out there and buy the e-books, then post comments and reviews then Amazon takes notice and magic can happen. That magic has happened already for several people I know such as Boyd Morrison, Karen McQuestion, and Joe Konrath. And I have faith that it can mine as well.

So make it happen! Raise my ranking to the top and get the word out to all your friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, acquaintances, and strangers you meet on the street! If I get into the top 100 Kindle E-Books ranking there will be prizes…real prizes, the more books I sell the better the prizes will be. If I make the top 10 well lets just say that someone (or someone’s) will be my new best friends.

Make it happen people!

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