Tuesday, December 6, 2011

28 hours in the life of Basil:

28 hours in the life of Basil:

8 pm - editing narration of book about serial rapist...almost done.

10 pm - read Bible with my boys & try to erase serial rapist character from thoughts...he's way creepy.

11 pm - lay in bed

11:01 pm - think about how modern
pirates hiding out on an island could be captured by Marines Mike & Mojo for part of my WIP

1 am - drift to sleep & dream of Marines chasing serial rapist pirates around island

4 am - wake up to pee....I'm over 40

4:05 am - 5 am - repeat 11p-1am sequence till again asleep...but this time the serial rapist pirates have the upper hand and found some of the escaped hostages

6:45 am - jolt awake realizing I need to finalize my "Ebook Self Publishing" presentation for Tuesday night at the library

6:55 am - sit in comfy wing-back recliner and boot up laptop then realize I already prepared the presentation.

7 am - make coffee, sit down and finalize presentation for Sunday School. Teaching kids "Jehovah Shalom", God of Peace.

10 am - drive ten miles to church on icy rain slicked roads (yeah, it rained on top of our four feet of snow Sunday...very fun driving).

11 am - teach God of Peace Lesson to kids

12 pm - retain calm exterior with class room of 6 six year olds who all have something amazing to tell me...all at once.

1:30 pm - try to reign in a few dozen lunch energized kids to practice for Christmas play...reminding self He's a God of Peace

2:30 pm - Piano Recital for two sons, ...one played jazz, one played classical...both did really well

3 pm - In Laws call during recital, "FIL is sick, can you come cook for this little dinner I am having tonight. Its our choir Christmas party. Its only about 40 people"

4 pm - Start grill, 30 mph freezing wind blows flames toward me wherever I stand...at least the fire on my coat is warm.

5:45 - finish cooking steaks, help finish plating food, eat, help wife & kids do dishes while party goers play Christmas party games.

7 pm - finish dishes, last of guests leave, kids ask to go home so we can watch netflix movie "Thor".

8 pm - watch Thor....it's cool

10 pm lay back in bed again

10:30 - wonder if Thor could help Marines get serial rapist pirates and save hostages on island.

Midnight - remember I have a day job and force self to sleep. Dream about USMC MGySgt Thor Odinson, chasing pirates around the library while I am talking about ebook self-pubbing on Tuesday.

two days after the grilling even, my nice wool coat still smells deliciously like smoked meat
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