Friday, May 16, 2008

Strength through Weakness

 Last week I spent two days in Seward with a bunch of 20 & 30 somethings from my church. We had a terrific time beside the ocean and ended the whole thing with a short hike over a moderately difficult trail through the mountain terrain and onto a beach.

Moderately difficult is an Alaskan term for this might kick your butt if you're not in fairly decent shape already, and is most likely going to be much more difficult than you anticipated.

The trail was rocky and hilly, and in several places streams run over it making it difficult to not get wet.  That is what it's like in the summer.

As it turns out a late spring snowfall had added two feet of snow to the trail that had not melted in spite of temeratures in the 50's. We trudged on, and I think that several would have preferred to turn back but for one motivating factor.

One of the hikers was blind.

And she would not turn back. Over the entire three mile, snow covered course she trudged on with the assistance of one of the young men who, once he understood how to help her, simply called out hazards and let her keep a loose grip on him
and guide herself with a stick.

Watching her continue on in spite of the difficulties which included "post-holing" into thigh deep snow, fording icy cold streams on two occasions, and slipping down steep slushy snow covered trails, no one else found it in themselves to quit.

I find it amazing to watch how people suddenly feel much more capable in adversity when they see someone many would consider weaker do things that seem insurmountably difficult.

God strengthens us through weakness, and makes fools of the proud.

Basil Sands

Who Dares, Wins

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