Thursday, December 5, 2013

Contest: How many errors can you find?

How many errors can you find in this letter to an author met at a book signing on a rainy day?

Everyone who gets it right will receive a free ebook copy of my novel, MIDNIGHT SUN

Deer Author,

I enjoyed meeting ewe at you’re book singing, I came with my made who is a compete fan of yores. She sed I must complement you on your choice of locals.

You have a wanderful friendly personality as evidenced bye all those pubic smiles, shakes, and even hugs you shared with strangers. You seam to have a talent for touching people in pubic that makes it the climax of a lifetime. For instance as you were packing up to go two pretty young sisters came in only too learn, much two they’re constipation, that they’d missed the singing. Butt you gave them a powerfully energenic three-way pubic hug that left them breathless with your firm grasp of their desire’s.

As it reigned outside, they stood in under wear the tall decorative plants kept you protractively close and you put your arms all over them saving them from the ailments. All of you like that, warm and cozy, inside their under wear you could affectively effect they’re effection’s in a physically touching way.

I stood their griping my newly singed addition of you’re latest navel, watching in aw you’re menny gentle ax of pubic kindness. I nearly spilled coffee on my khaki docker’s as the scene had me peaked, exited at witnessing the tender stroking of their needy soles.

I was truly empressed. I think it'd be grate to put two gather your talent for pubic appearances, your general willingness to touch other people, and your wonderfully deffective energy at book singings by staging what I wood caul “A Touching Pubic Singing” with other fallow authors, many of whom I am certain would come with their spouses and significant udders.

Wee, that is my made and me, are egg cited to have mitt yew, and are looking four word to meating you again in neer few sure.


Literally Reeder
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