Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Dang....it snowed a lot yesterday and today.

And that means one thing, INSANE PEOPLE ARE EVERYWHERE!

I live in Alaska.  You'd think people here, of all places, would know that in the winter it is slippery. But NOOOOOO!

For some strange reason, the first two weeks of snowfall up here has some strange mental effect on about 60% of the population. Maybe it's that same uncontrollable urge people get when they see a pile of leaves in autumn and can't resist jumping into it and throwing the leaves into the air like a child.  Perhaps it's the same thing that causes adults and children alike to be driven to stick their dirty fingers into a bowl of freshly made whipped cream.  It's almost certainly related to the impulsive urge of bankers and borrowers alike to indebt themselves into oblivion until they destroy their own economies.

Whatever it is, it freakin' scares me!  If it's snowing and the temperature is below freezing at ground level, that means one thing....ice is everywhere!  70 mph is acceptable at those conditions!  Using a cell phone by hand...not acceptable!  Texting behind the wheel...unacceptable!!!

Slow down! 

Be Smart!!

Remember, 2/3 of Alaskan's carry guns in their cars or on their persons. 

Your actions could result in a serious escalation.

Think before you act stupid.

rant over....

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