Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Slip-Sliding Away...

OK.  So yesterday I rant on about crazy drivers and such and what happens?

Two people close to me end up in accidents. 

The youth pastor of my church and my own teenaged son.

Don't worry, no one is hurt beyond their pride or their wallet, but still.

Both cases involved being alone on the road and stationary object.  One slid his sports car into a high curb and wrecked his front axel, the other demolished a mailbox with a practically new luxury sedan and bashed out his headlight and cracked his front fender.  Both drive pretty nice cars, repairs will not be cheap.

Sigh....well, the youth pastor is new to Alaska, only been here a week from California. a degree.

My son, he's been here his whole life.  Maybe the Lincoln Towncar was a bit too much for him.

Lessons least no one got hurt.   "Cept the mailbox of was DOA....

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