Tuesday, November 18, 2008

A new way to run...low impact heart exercise


So you were once fit but the years the have crept up on you.

You want to take off some weight, get back in some decent kind of shape and keep that ticker ticking but the knees can't do anymore 2 mile runs.  For that matter the knees can barely make up a flight of stairs without the face wincing in pain several times.

Although the knees can't make it up the stairs, you're not ready to get into the water with a bunch of grandma's doing slo-mo water aerobics to the cadence of a 40-something former prep-school drill instructor who shouts "Lift that Butt!  Come-on!  Yeah!" .

Here's the manly solution for your fitness woes.  Pool running.

I'm one of those 40ish guys who played hard while young and whose knees are getting worse with time to the point that running has become a probably thing of the past unless I can shed a good bit of weight.  The path I recently remembered from a long time ago in the military was to run laps in the pool. 

As long as the pool water isn't over your head you can run laps back and forth instead of swimming and may be astonished at the work out you'll get.  If you do it, make sure you run against the water, don't just walk or float, push your body against the  water as if it were an obstacle and you'll find it quite a workout.

Warning...use caution...it's harder than it looks.

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