Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dan Browns next big whoopdeedoo

As a super multi-millionaire after The DaVinci Code (TDC) Dan Brown no doubt could probably care less about whether his new book, The Lost Symbol, does terribly well. I mean, it took more than four years to get it out, which means one of two things.

1: He really did a ton of research and greatly improved his writing skills after so many people complained about the poor literary quality of TDC.
2: He was too busy partying on the gazillions he made from TDC and simply put it off until his publisher threatened to have a hit man come over for a visit.

If you haven't read The DaVinci Code, don't feel lonely. I never read TDC either, and don't plan to. In my humble opinion, anything written as poorly as the overwhelming majority say it is and becomes that popular probably has some sort of mind altering chemical laced throughout the pages, or spiritual forces whispering into people's ears, or aliens involved in some way.

Even more troubling is fiction that the author openly states is fiction and yet so many seem to earnestly believe to be true. Quite troubling to my rational mind.

Reminds me of an LSD trip back in the 80's where the ceiling opened up and I went to space and aliens with puppy dog heads took the time to tell me the real truth about cheese and the moon.

Uh...did I say that out loud? proven...Dan Brown could probably care less. He can afford all the moon cheese he wants no matter how well the book does. In the end he'll have to answer to God, but hey his stuff proves that's all just a conspiracy anyway...right?
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