Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Making a Best Seller

In terms of reaching the top it seems that there are two ways to me.

1. Write an outstanding book, both storywise and readabilitywise.


2. Have an adequate story/readability index, but a topic that everyone is hungry for.

Both of these are also contingent on finding the right agent/editor/publisher combo as well, which is pure luck it seems.

Things that don't work:

1. Using a time machine. It freaked out the agent when my cousin Leonard showed up in the past to tell him to buy my book and therefore changed history against my favour. I should have told Leonard to take off the crash helmet before speaking to people. (the agent later wrote a book about being visited by future people, it became "Back to the Future" and I got nothing because I was only sixteen then).

2. Lacing the pages with psychedelic drugs...that was just bad in all ways. Agents can't really fly.
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