Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Accupuncture & Yucky Tea

For the past several months I have been feeling...well...like a slug.

Until about mid-summer of last year I worked out a lot. I had a full time day job, a part time job as a youth minister of my church, and spent about two hours every day in the gym on top of that. I also had the energy to write and podcast three novels and a set of short stories during that period. I seldom slept more than six hours and was always doing something. I have run that hard since I was a teen and never felt a need for a break.

Then all of a sudden I got tired. I mean really tired. Tired like I have never been before. Not only was 4-6 hours of sleep not enough, no matter how much I got I could not get rested. My work suffered, my writing faltered. I transferred my ministry job to a younger leader, thinking that maybe it was just that I'm over forty now and need to quite hanging out with teens and college kids. ...no change.

I got so tired that I fell down a mountain and got badly hurt while skiing. That made it worse.
Now, six months after shoulder surgery I am still not fully recovered and still just plain exhausted.

Until last weekend. I figured something else must be wrong so I went to a local accupunture and herbal medicine doctor here in Anchorage. Dude!

Why didn't I do that a year ago?!?!?!?!

After just one accupunture treatment I felt markedly better. After the second I started to feel more like myself. And he gave me these bags of herbal tea to help cleanse my body and "equalize the energy levels in my system". This tea is not the kind you buy at the store. It ain't no raspberry & chamomile concoction. This stuff tastes like sucking dirt through a snail's butt.

But it works! Man do I feel good!

Look out world! I'm BAAACK!
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