Thursday, August 20, 2009

Movie Reviews '09

I tend to avoid theaters due to my cousin Leonard's flatulence. He pays most of the time since I am still a struggling writing waiting for that big time publishing deal so I can afford to go to the cinema on my own dime.

Therefore I tend to watch movies at home late at night, alone, while the family sleeps and Leonard is back in his own original 1960's velveteen bachelor pad.

My college son though goes all the time. From an 18 y.o. perspective:

UP: Yeah!
Transformers: Dude, wow!
GI Joe: SICK!!
Public Enemy: Eh.. $3 theatre stuff
Star Trek: Dad's generation was cool
Bruno: I'm scarred for life
District 9: For some reason I don't want to look in my closet at night
My Dad & little Brother's home made Bionicles stop motion video: yeah, cool but needs to stick to writing

So there you have it, College Justin's young adult movie review list, summer 09...
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