Friday, August 7, 2009

OK. Let's face it. The world sometimes sucks.

It’s just that simple. Life can suck.

Just when you think things may start going your way, they take a turn and blam…you are on your face again.

But does the suckiness of the world around us, even our own potentially sucky circumstances necessarily mean that things are bad? Just because life doesn’t give us what we want, and appears to be pulling us down, does that mean we should just give up and turn our backs to it?


Absolutely not.

Why not?

Because suction makes us stronger. Struggling builds strength. If we are being pulled down by the events we see as sucky we have two options.

Option One:
Do nothing. Accept what appears to be fate. Give in and float down the drain. Its easy, effortless for that matter. Don’t fight. Just get sucked on down to the sewer and float off like the digested remnants of yesterdays pastrami sandwich.

I mean hey, the suction is hard to push against. We get tired right? So Quit, run away and save your energy. Maybe some easier way will show up later. What’s the reason to fight anyway? We’re all going to die in the end. Just float away.

Option Two:
Fight. Fight like mad. Resist the suction tooth and nail and never, ever give up.

Prepare for the struggle. Pull and strain and resist being flushed away. It will be hard. Others will try to drag you down. Resist the temptation to be lazy and float with effortless ease. You will lose friends along the way. But never, ever quit.

What is the purpose of struggling against malaise? Simple.

The one who struggles gets stronger. In the strengthening the purpose for life becomes clear. Once one has purpose there is a goal, a reason to live. And the suckiness is no longer sucky.

The choice is yours. Live life floating like a turd on a stream of wasted nothingness until you reach the end and get absorbed back into the ground.

Or, live like there’s a reason to live. Grow in strength. Struggle against adversity. And conquer every day as you strive towards the goal.

God created each of us with a purpose. Humans are creative, the only creature that builds cities, and consistently tries to find a better way. We are the only creatures who ponder such things as why life does or doesn’t suck.

In the end, at death, you will be judged according to your deeds and how you acquitted yourself in the struggle of life. Do you want to be the one who said “this sucks” and did nothing? Or the one who at the judgement will be told “Well done.”

Of course, if you are one who believes there is no judge, no God, no purpose, no goal but the continuation of the species, I feel for you. Because things will always suck for the purposeless being.

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  1. Well I can't speak for everyone, but things are actually pretty OK for this godless being. :)

    I say this not to strike an argument or even a conversation -- but to make a point: many of us secularists agree with in everything you said, minus the supernatural elements.

    So don't feel too bad for me. I have plenty of purpose. :)

  2. Point well taken.

    To each his own. And in the end it will all be sorted out.

    Onward! To the goal!