Friday, October 16, 2009

Political Discourse for Lemmings

As one who makes part of my living doing political discourse I am usually astonished by the fact that a lot of folks really don't want discourse. They just want everyone to agree with them. An how often they are willing, even enjoy, being crude and abusive to their opponents but find the utmost offense if the treatment is returned against their side.

Like herds of disgruntled lemmings they curse their enemies for foolishely rushing willy-nilly into the abyss when all the while they are rushing into the very same pit, to the very same death, on the very same canyon floor, just from the other side of the precipice.

Sigh....that's one of the things I will when I finally become king of the world.

That and creamy peanut butter.

Because both have the same sense of "hey I just ate something, and my breath smells, but my mouth isn't satisfied at all."
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1 comment:

  1. There is nothing more irritating than politics, when people look at it solely from one side. I have family members that don't like to attend events, such as Thanksgiving or Christmas, because the other family members that have different political views are to offensive to be around. Their kids mimic these qualities. Way to go; teach the kids to be judgemental and cynical based on the parents narrow views, when the country was founded on the premises of freedom. I for one, want to hear both sides and pick what I feel best benefits are future. So please enlighten me with discourse so that I may be informed on my decisions.