Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Book Proposal: Spies, SciFi and Boobs a historical cross genre experiment

I've always loved spy stories and military tales, epsionage, smart thrillers and historical fiction with a twinge of romance...the manly kind (but ,referencing James Scott Bells post at The Kill Zone the other day, not porn. I hate reading porn scenes in books. I get all red faced and no one around me knows why). I also like the occasional well written literary novel that crosses into different territory.

Ireland by Frank Delaney is a good example I think of crossing history/legend with modern literature.

On the other hand, in the spirit of doing something different, I propose to create a new espionage thriller series that crosses into the realm of veterinary science and scifi and middle eastern historical fantasy fiction.

Its about a strikingly handsome Israeli Mossad agent named Basir Sandesman who falls in love with a former Hooters girl turned American CIA operative named Mia Moray whose partner is what appears to be a talking ferret named Colin who spends most of his time nestled warmly between her...in her sweater. Colin the ferret contains the entire MI-6 database in his brain via a computer chip he accidentally ingested in a bowl of ferret kibbels while undercover in an Al Qaeda pet shop sting. Unknown to Basir and Mia, Colin the ferret is actually my time travelling cousin Leonard who went to the past and met a hard hearing Genie who gave him two wishes. First Leonard said he wanted to find his true love, well actuall he said "I want to meet and get close to Mi Amore" then for his second wish he wanted to look like Colin Farrel. The genie, being hard of hearing did his best. Now Colin (Leonard) is jealous of the sparking relationship between Basir and Mia but is afraid to shift back to his true identity because Mia will almost definitely not let him stay between her...in her sweater.

The working title is:
Ferret Whisperer #1: A Warm Jiggly Place With A Gun

Opening line:
"Colin did not like wonder-bras."

...let the action packed historically romantic scifi spy stuff begin!

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