Monday, July 26, 2010

Kindle? Are you ready for my world?

What I need is a weather and elements proof Kindle type device. Last week I spent 3 days standing with 200 total strangers up to my chest in 40 degree north pacific ocean water scooping up a winter's worth of red salmon into a net at a rate of 1 every 15 minutes or so in a sometimes horizontal rain that alternated with a blazing sun and occasional high surf.

A book would have been nice but would have gotten soggy. The audio-book in my MP3 player was nice but I had to keep taking my earphones out because people kept wanting to chat. (They probably thought my dull stare at the water was due to hypothermia). An e-reader would have been great but of course would have lasted all of ten seconds in the frigid salt-water, rain-soaked, sun-baked environment.

Therefore someone needs to invent an electronic reader that is water proof, temperature proof, can be read in direct sunlight and overcast sky alike and has a really strong lanyard that won't let it be carried away when a slightly higher than I anticipated wave smacks the thing out of my hand, or when I am excitedly running back out of the surf with a rather moody and violent 15 lb red salmon who is of the mind not to be taken any closer to the shore.

Of course, I guess I could just use my pocket recorder to dictate my own stories, especially the action and romance scenes, while standing there. Then the stares would be worth it.

Ooh ... and if the e-reader could double as a fish bonker that would be a real plus.
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