Thursday, August 14, 2008

Changes of heart...whatever

So I spend most of a year working with a particular agent who praises my work, and says it'll go far, and it'll make a great movie..yada yada yada...

Then after six months of stalling and repeatedly saying I'll get back with you in two weeks, says she's really concentrating on biographies and self-help books now and has decided not to carry my book and that I should look for a different agent.

Ya know...woulda' been nice to hear that in January after my final text made it's way up to the silent realm of her office instead of sitting on it for eight months.  Man...this is a hard business to get started in.

OK...that's off my chest.  Time to start over, where's the guy with the starting gun?  What?  At lunch...screw him then...I'm already out of the starting blocks anyway...time to sprint!

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