Tuesday, August 19, 2008

On the Turning of a Decade...for me at least

It's my birthday.  One of the major ones too.

The Big 4-0

Why am I announcing this?  Simply because I think 40 is the best of all birthday's

It's the age where an individual can, if they've taken care of themselves, still keep up with the twenty somethings, but is also wise enough to outsmart the vast majority of them with little effort.

It's also the age when we can afford a few toys and know how to have a good time without puking our guts out towards the end of the evening. 

Forty is the age when most men hit their peak, and may even be at that peak without graying hair…if they're lucky…I've been lucky.

Forty is the age where I expect to make major changes, take exponential leaps forward, and still be able to turn my wife on with little effort.  (wink…wink…nudge…nudge…know what I mean?)

Some have been harrassing me with such statements as "You're over the hill now" or "Man, you're old".

Some have said I've past my prime and might as well throw it in...

To them I say…I still bench nearly 400 lbs, can sprint faster than most guys half my age, and if I get in a fight am smart enough to throw sand in your eyes right before I disable you with testicle smashing knee…

Not only that, I've embarked on a totally new career and intend over the next few years to become a household name as far as thriller writers is concerned…things are looking up

In short…forty is cool…way cool. 

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