Sunday, August 31, 2008

Arctic Horizon, The Rise of Sarah...sounds like a good movie

As an Alaskan, and as a person who has met Sarah Palin (albeit briefly…only a brush with fame) I can honestly say that she knows her stuff.  She led the town of Wasilla as mayor from little more than a sleepy rural town to one of the fastest growing areas in Alaska, and by percentage of growth, in the US

She also has guts, serious guts.

The woman was appointed by former governor Frank Murkowski as head of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.  Shortly after reporting for duty in Juneau she discovered some serious corruption that led all the way to her boss...she exposed it and got fired.  Two years years later deposed Murkowski in the Republican primaries and snatched his job from him. 

If you don't think politics in Alaska is tough enough to qualify her consider this.  In 1992 we elected a governor from the Alaskan Independence Party, yeah...for real...a secessionist group (don't worry, Sarah has nothing to do with them).  In the middle of the campaign season, the head of the party disappeared.  His bullet riddled body was found a couple years later by hunters wrapped in a blue tarp out on the middle of nowhere. 

She'd be the kind of VP that McCain could count on.  And if the chips fell bad for him, she'd be a good president in my opinion.  She can hack it. 

Downside - she's too real-American mom, and way too pretty for a politician (Miss Alaska contender 1984)...therefore she's gonna get hammered by the dirt flingers to no end.  Thus starts the grist mill of politics.

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