Thursday, September 4, 2008

Snooze Button Trickery!

I have an old clock radio next to my bed. It helps me wake up in the morning.  It's a really nice one for its age.  I paid $100 for it new. How old is it?  Well it has a cassette player in the top.  I think I got it in 1995.

I hate it now.  Why because the Snooze button and Off button are a whole 1/2 inch from each other and after rather late, tiring night I hit the wrong one and was two hours late for work today.....grrrrrr.

Anybody got a suggestion for a good  clock radio?


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  1. I'm retired, Basil, and working on my own schedule. Hell, I don't even wear a watch nowadays. Sorry, man, can't help you :)

  2. Dang, retired....I look forward to that day...then again, for me that day may never come. Both my dad and my grandfather retired only to be busier than ever. My grandfather, Joe Balch, was actually an inventor whose inventions made him enough to live on the cash he made from that and a bit of farming. He continued inventing stuff (24 patents plus hundreds of other items) till he died at 84.

    I hope to be like that, except as a writer. Keeping on until I am old and have my grandkids grandkids bouncing on my ancient knees.

    In the meantime, I need a new clock. ;)