Monday, September 8, 2008

Deals on Wheels

OK, gotta brag a bit here.

The nice thing about gas prices being so high is that nice big cars and trucks and

My teenage son and I went out car shopping over the weekend.  He wanted  to get a decent car for about $6,000.  We expected to find a little rice rocket (Nissan, Honda, Suzuki) etc with about 60k-100k miles on it. That's what we did find.  There were a few US models also, but they were in either really bad shape or had really high miles.


We popped into the Mercedes dealership and upon perusing their really high priced used lot (five year old Acura's and Mercedes still go for 20K...gulp), but then it appeared before us.

The Land Yacht. 

A 2000 Lincoln TownCar, seriously Mafiaso looking long black beasty with all tan leather interior.  Massive, and immaculate.  It had 36k little old lady miles on it.  You know the kind that says she drove it to the grocery story and back once a week, and visited her great grandkids once a month for eight years.  The car is basically new.

And get the price...$7000. 

Now you may say, "Yeah, but that thing eats up the gas."

To get the Honda Civic he wanted, with only 36k miles on it would have been about $12,000.  That's a $5k difference. Do you know how long it would take to make up that difference and start saving money by buying the smaller car?  A long, long time. 

And, he looks good in it.  The 260 pound football lineman looks much more natural in this car then any of those little toy cars, even though he is half Asian.

So yeah.  While my son doesn't have the cool car with the Tokyo Drift kit on it...everyone's head turns to see who's the mafioso that just pulled into the school parking lot.  And I just thought that was worth sharing. 

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