Friday, September 19, 2008

Autumn in the Greatland.

For those who read this blog from locations in the Lower 48 or  other parts of the world you mind find it disturbing for me to discuss fall this early in the year.  In some of your states or countries it may still be in the 70's or 80's farenheit. You may be running around in shorts or thong bikinis bathing in the rays of the big ball in the sky.

That's not the case here in Alaska.  It's autumn. Full on, leaves falling, into the high 30's at night.  The down side is, we never even had a real summer this year. It was in the 60's and rainy for the whole summer season.  We only had like two or three days where it passed 70 degrees.  Sigh...

The good thing is fall doesn't last too long for us. Winter comes by the end of October.  Which means in six to eight weeks, we'll be shovelling snow.

Hopefully next year we will have summer.  In the meantime...I'm going to take a nap.  Wake me up in May.

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