Wednesday, January 14, 2009

80 degrees of separation

Over the past two weeks Alaska has experienced near record breaking cold temperatures.  New Years week it was as cold as -40 in some cold spots near my Anchorage home. The official cold temp was about -32, but thermometers read colder in "unofficial" areas.  It was painful.  Just last week it was still in the -20's most of the week.  Those temperatures are not counting any windchill, there's not too much wind most of the time in this city. All of a sudden today the temperature has risen to nearly 20 above.   By late morning it was nearly 40 above and the snow is melting, it is raining and my recently surgeriafied shoulder is aching like an old man's knees from the weird changes.  The wind only comes when the temperature warms up unexpectedly. Tonight and tomorrow we are told to expect 65 mph winds and up to 100 mph in the MatSu valley a few miles up the highway.

When the temperature rises like this it creates a very weird feeling.  It's like the air pressure has changed and the body is reacting at a molecular level.  Individual cells are expanding and my body is pulsing in every joint and organ with the desire to be either cold or hot, but not this.  Ugh...

The kicker is that the forecast shows this will hold through tomorrow then by Sunday it is expected to be back down to -5 (that's five below zero) again. 

I love Alaska.

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