Monday, January 26, 2009

Interview at Words to Mouth

Check out the text interview Basil did with Carrie Runnals at Words To Mouth.

Go to the interview and leave a comment to enter to win a free CD version of the complete 65-Below audiobook and a pdf e-book of the full text version as well. The final text version is significantly different from what you've listened to in the audio, with many different twists that make it work reading all over again.

Words To Mouth is an author interview talk show where readers meet authors beyond the printed page…and win FREE books.

Come discover new and seasoned authors and the books they write. Carrie Runnals understands the challenges of being a busy woman juggling work-life balance. She scours the literary market and keeps a pulse on new book releases for you. Hear about the latest must-read novels and nonfiction as Carrie gets the answers to questions you want asked with authors you’d love to meet. She goes beyond the book subject, not only pulling plot and inspiration, but delving deeper into what makes the author tick.

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