Saturday, January 24, 2009

A Literate President's Breakfast (or) L'eggo my Eggo!

A lot has been running about the web and the literary community in particular about how well read President Barak Obama is. Beyond the Messiah complex so many liberals are afflicted with, they are practically wetting themselves over the perception that the man in charge of the free world seems literate and to be a relatively smart fella due to his reading list.

Whether a person reads or not can be quite telling. But seeing a person hold a book, or even talk intelligently about one may not mean much. Cliff Notes ruined my concept of smart sounding people long ago.

I think the test is waffles.

Is he a real home made waffles from scratch kind of guy or an Eggo kind of guy. Or is he a quiche or a cold cereal kind of guy. That's the test that reveals the most. How does the person start their day. Or even what they eat in general.

Clinton had a penchant for McD's and young chicks. Fast, sort of tasty, but a little messy and your not really sure what that's made of or if those stains will ever come out.

Bush was a beer & pretzels sports fan kinda' bloke. Shoulder slapping, hooah shouting, one of the guys. He'll get'r done, but may have made a promise in the heat of the moment that'd be hard to keep. He'll stick by his commitment, even in failure.

I wanna know just what the Honourable BObama eats at the crack o' dawn, at noon, or at night when no one else is watching. Then I'll make my decision.

So let's see what he chokes down, chokes on, or what chokes on him and I will tell you what this new World’s Most Powerful man will be like.

Cuz I'm psychic like that


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