Monday, March 2, 2009

Kharzai Ghiassi: from Karl's Last Flight

DOB: 1975
Place of birth: Indianna
Physical Characteristics
: 5’8”
Weight: 170
Hair: Black, with thick tight curls, almost an afro but thick shiny strands, also thick black beard and lots of chest/back hair
Eyes: Dark Brown
Skin: Dark tan (olive)
Other: Has incredibly white smile that he flashes constantly and a manic sparkle in his eyes.
Indianna State University: Major in Dramatic Arts, Minor in Political Science
Military Service:N/A
Professional Career:
CIA since immediately after college, Operations branch, field operative, frequently put in for psych evals due to odd behaviors and violent tendencies. Worked off and on as deep cover operative planted inside Al Qaeda allied terrorist group Son’s of the Sword. He is fluent in several languages including Farsi, French, Italian, Spanish, Urdu, Pashtun, Russian, and Hebrew.
Other Characteristics:
Kharzai has a very hyper active personality but is also very self-controlled. He has the ability to maintain several personas simultaneously and has a nearly photographic memory. While his outward appearance and demeanor are typically humorous and witty, he has very violent thread within him and has left a path deep with blood behind him. Someday, this may come back to haunt him.
In Karl’s Last Flight he is working undercover in Iran trying to disrupt the Iranian Nuclear program
In Faithful Warrior he is planted with Son’s of the Sword and travels back to the US where he discovers a terrorist bomb plot on American soil.
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