Saturday, March 28, 2009

My writers studio

On another blog I frequent, The Killzone, John Miller posted a wonderful article that included a picture of his writing studio. It was a wonderful looking place. A one room little cabin in his backyard in the Louisianna woods. So comfortable and conducive to creativity. I began to wish that I had such a place.

I don't though. Therefore I do my writing where ever I and my laptop tend to be. Preferably in my comfy wingback recliner next to the fire place in my living room. Twice a week its on a hard metal chair at the swimming pool while my son practices or on the floor of the Tae Kwon Do Dojang surrounded by the sound of shouts and fleshy whacks as my other son kicks his way to his 2nd degree Black Belt. Sometimes its in my truck at lunch time if I don't go to the gym. Frequently its in my bed from 10-midnight as my wife breathes in soft slumber beside me.
My days are surrounded by natural sites. Denali is framed in my office window, unless three hundred miles of clouds billow over it. The Chugach mountain range is in my truck window in the parking lot where I work. My house, even thought we are in the suburbs, is surrounded by trees and flanked by the same Chugach mountains to the east. In the summer I might ride my bike down the Tony Knowles Coastal Trail to a secluded bench that overlooks Cook Inlet and watch the mountains beyond my part of the Pacific change colours as the tide rolls in, with the occasional pod of belugas cresting and sliding back beneath to their world.
Someday, when I have enough books to justify the cost I hope to build just such a studio as John has. Mine will be a log cabin in the mountains with a panoramic view of the Ocean and surrounded by thick trunked spruce trees pointing heavenward. Until then the place I have is well enough.

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