Sunday, March 22, 2009

Liam Cleary: from Karl's Last Flight

DOB: 1974
Place of birth: Antrim, Northern Ireland
Physical Characteristics
Height: 5’8”Weight: 245 lbs
Hair: Brown, short. Combed over.
Eyes: Brown
Skin: Caucasian
Other: Very large body, like a power lifter, not a body builder. Neck size 20 inch, chest 60 inch, waist 36 inch, biceps 21 inch. Bench Press over 450 lbs, deadlift 860 lbs.
Education:Classically training singer from the age of four. Cambridge University, dual degrees in History and Economics.
Military Service:Major of the British Royal Marines. Served with 43 Commando and Special Boat Service from 1995 until 2007.
Professional Career:Major Cleary served for twelve years in the special forces branches of the United Kingdom’s Royal Marine Commandos. In 2007 he was tasked to MI-6 to be inserted into Iran as a covert operative under the cover of a French cloth merchant. He stayed in country for more than two years observing Iranian politics and military movements first hand. In addition to English he is fluent in Irish Gaelic, Farsi, French. He can also passably communicate in Arabic, Urdu, Pashtun and the dialects of the Assyrians and Kurds.
Other Characteristics:Liam is calm and relatively quiet much of the time. He is a devoted family man with a wife and two young children back home in Plymouth England. Many have questioned how an Irishman ends up being a member of one of the UK’s most elite military units and a covert operative for the Queens government. Liam explained that he chose this career after both factions of the Troubles in his native Northern Ireland committed actions that were directly responsible for the deaths of both of his parents. Liam decided that rather than following his grandmothers wish to become a classical singer he would a proactive position at stopping terrorism and factious violence first hand.
Current:In Karl’s Last Flight he is working undercover in Iran trying to disrupt the Iranian Nuclear program.
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