Thursday, December 17, 2009


Have you got an Alaskan story you’d like to share? I want to hear it.

My talk show, Basil’s Alaska Weekly News Review is looking for stories and people to tell them about experiences related to Alaska. jumping yongWhen they are adventurous, funny, serious, heartfelt, cutsie, or downright strange I want to hear it.

Every week on the Saturday show the last half hour will be dedicated to Alaska stories as told by people who are or were here or by those who can relate the story. We can tell them live on the air, or it’s longer than a few minutes call it can be pre-recorded or scheduled to make sure you get the full time you need to tell it right. If you are uncomfortable being on the air but want to share your story, write it out and send it in to the email address below.

So get out your hunting, fishing, hiking, backwoods living, ALCAN roadtrip, growing up in Alaska stories and share them with the show. If you need more information drop a comment to this blog or email me at basil @ basilsands . com.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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