Wednesday, December 2, 2009

See This Movie!!

I don’t watch too many movies, at least not compared to many people. When I do watch movies, I want them to be good. I have now found what I will probably consider the top contender for my movie of the year award.

This movie made my heart thump and my knuckles clench the couch. It made the new 50” plasma & surround sound system worth every penny.


Other movies I have seen and liked this year ( they are not necessarily new) include the following:

1. District 9 – wow, good stuff
2. Spirited Away – Anime that kept my full attention
3. Metropolis – Ok, I was on an Anime kick – but it was good
4. Madea goes to Jail – I laughed myself silly

But Red Cliff is definitely my personal favourite for 2009

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