Friday, December 11, 2009

Climate Change Mind Control Ray

As I stated in my previous blog entry I am increasingly of the mind that the Copenhagen Climate Change Conference is actually adr-evil meeting of Dr. Evil Wannabes bent on taking over the world.  They are meeting with their evil henchmen and dancing the night away with fembot cyborgs designed for the genetically discerning nerd.

I think this conference is a dual purpose meeting of sorts.

Purpose #1: Mind control of the world. These diplomats and fame hungry scientists have come up with a cracked idea to control the population of the nations by forcing us into a system that makes countries pay up for progress.

“Want to get out of the Stone Age? Pay the Climate Troll.”

Already out of the stone age? Then you owe big mister.

As proof of my theory that mind-control by evil overlords is  a primary motivating factor check out the attempt at mass global hypnosis a couple of days ago.

swirl missile

Thousands of Norwegians stared in terror in the night sky Tuesday night as the Dr. Evil’s attempted the first part of their evil plan for world domination. But of course, like all evil dominion plans things did not go as planned. In this case, a henchmen apparently spilled his hot cocoa into the rocket fuel and it did not have the umph to get into the upper atmosphere where everyone in the northern hemisphere would have been drawn into it’s mesmerizing swirliness.

The Russian’s of course claim that it was actually a failed missile test in the Arctic Ocean north of Norway. Yeah Right!  I’ve seen that swirly pattern before, and it didn’t work out well for the those people in that episode of twilight zone.

As further proof of my point, after receiving his Nobel Prize in Oslo Norway President Obama immediately left, skipping the traditional dinner with the Nobel Prize committee. The Norwegians were rather miffed by the snub. Why would Barack Obama, a narcissists narcissist, skip out on a major dinner in his honor?


He expected to find them in  a glassy eyed hypnotic state where he could control the conversation and program their minds to turn them into his very own army of minion henchmen and sexy blond fembots. Instead he finds a group of coherent scientists, diplomats and professors who want to talk science. And the fembots….well they were not what he expected…and man can Michelle slap when she’s jealous. (should’s learned from Tiger, dude)

Speaking of fembots.

Purpose #2: getting chicks. That’s right. Think about it. A bunch of science nerds and guys that look like Al Gore. Getting together in cold wet Denmark to talk about shrinkage caused by being in heat too long. What kind of chicks attend meetings like that?

1. The Cheryl Crow’s of the world, who advocate saving the climate by using only a single piece of toilet paper per visit to the WC. Scientist, being obsessive compulsives by nature, are afraid to touch chicks like Cheryl, therefore:

2. FEMBOTS: Programmed to please and totally sanitary. And they’ll never tell on you. Fembots_2_APIMOM

(Lesson for golfers, hang out with scientists and you won’t have to worry about getting caught. … “What honey? It’s not a real woman, more like a microwave with legs.”)

So, Dr Evil’s of the world, we know what you are doing over there.  You will fail….
because I know how to reprogram the Fembots chichi-guns!

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