Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Evil Dr. Chill, Climate Control Dark Overlord in Copenhagen


Currently I am looking out my office window and experiencing a strange Alaskan day weatherwise. It is both brightly sunny and blindly foggy. At the same time.

It adds a kind of surreal feeling to the day. To look out and see a mile of brightly lit ground, parking lot, runway, highway, but to be totally surrounded by dense fog that blocks out the blue horizon and distant Denali (Mt. McKinley). The local Chugach mountains are quite visible, but right behind them a smooth grey/white wall of mist hangs like a blanket till it dissipates into the blue above. Hmmm. it’s like being in a Stephen King novel. We are in a bubble. It looks just enough like the real world that most people will not question it, because most people don’t go far out of town this time of year. They won’t notice till spring that w e have been captured inside a bubble and are slowly being transported to the secret underground lair of the Dark Overlord of Climate Control, the Evil Dr. Chill where slowly but surely the earth will be cooled and humans put into a Lilliputian time warp prison existence where we only get to come to the surface once in a thousand years for one day to reduce our Carbon Footprint. But his real plan is to chill the earth to the point that his asexual mind control cybots can operate without overheating their core circuits.

It cannot be just a coincidence that the Copenhagen Climate Change Overlords and their minions are meeting at the same time. Their plot is being hatched as we speak.  Life on earth will never be the same. We Are DOOMED! DOOMED! DOOMED! DOOmed! DOomed! Doomed! doomed! doo…  doo…

Did I mention I slept in the snow at my son’s boy scout camp over the weekend. Yes, on the ground, in the snow…it was 20 degrees below freezing. Global warming was nowhere to be found…it was freakin’ cold!!

Curse you Dr. Chill, curse you!

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