Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Back from the Shadows!

Well, it’s been a couple weeks since my last blog post. The holiday’s are a very busy time of course but that is no excuse for hiding away like that.  Well, OK, they actually are an excuse…and one I will use with diligence and care. Anyway….news keeps on moving regardless. Here are a few of the headline stories  worthy of blogging as we close out 2009

Item 1


As much as the new media keeps beaming stories of Iranian freedom demonstrations I think they are really missing the facts. Who is behind these demonstrations? Is it really western ideals of egalitarin freedom? No, it is actually a different Ayatollah who’s been made rich by tricky business dealings with the outside world that got around the thirty year old sanctions since the “Revolution'” took over. It is not the revolt of the democracy loving, pro-western educated classes against the despotic regimie of Khamenei and Ahmadenijad. It is rather one set of despotic rich rulers fighting another set of equally despotic rich rulers for control of the cash and power of Iran. No matter who wins in this case know this USA and pro-western democracies….you still suck in their eyes!

Item 2


Nothing much has changed here, except the conference is now over, the hypocrites are pretending all the more that there really is a global warming trend caused by man instead of that crazy concept known as ‘weather”, and snow and ice storms are still ravaging much of North America in spite of the ‘fact’ of global warming. It is getting so warm it feels like it is getting cold, but really it is warm….really….it is so….now shut up and pay your carbon credits you worthless little anti-big brother-progress realist.

item 3

Security and Terrorists

No matter how much any one may wish to put their head in the sand, there are bad guys trying  reeeeeeaally hard to kill us all. they are called terrorists, and it is only a matter of time before one gets through.The Christmas day flight scare on the way to Detroit is a case in point. I am fairly certain that guy was not really expected to succeed by his superiors. I think he was just sent to test the system. If it was intended as a full on attack I am pretty certain there would have been a number of simultaneous attempts.

This is not to say that the passengers, especially that Dutch fellow who jumped the would be bomber, were not truly brave in their attampt to stop him.They were. Their fast thinking  probably saved a whole lot of lives. But I am fairly certain that the bad guys are simply honing their skills and trying a few different methods.

One of these days we will see another 9-11, but bigger. It will probably be multi-continental and it will definitely be brutal. We have no choice but to continue being vigilant, and to keep the fight on their soil. Don’t be fooled, they won’t be giving up anytime soon.

To quote an old military axiom:



On that note, I am still going to go downtown in Anchorage on New Years Eve and watch the fire jugglers and dancers and listen to music, and see the pyrotechnics and have a generally great time with my wife and kids. Then off to church for out New Years service.

In light of that I bid you all a happy new year and many blessings for the months to come!

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